About us

“La Celletta” at Fontanka embankment is the first café in Russia of the Italian brand La Celletta Piaceri Italiani. An international project with this name was founded in 2014 on the basis of an existing Arduini family business. It is already more than 20 years that they own a little hotel with a restaurant in Central Italy among the picturesque hills of Pesaro and Urbino provinces, in the area called Montefeltro. La Celletta Country House is a standard of hospitality and true traditions of the Marche region, so it has inspired us to share these values with the world around.

The general idea of La Celletta Caffe is to introduce a special section of Italian cuisine typical of the Marche region. All the courses of our menu are designed in the Country House in Italy, and only after perfecting the taste do we bring the recipes here. Among our specialities are pizza, pasta, soups, salads and also “piadina”, homemade pastry with juicy fillings, that are typical of Pesaro and Urbino yet almost unknown here in Saint Petersburg.

In addition to that we produce our homemade gelato using high-quality Italian products. The original legendary Moretta coffee, that we traditionally drink outside by the Adriatic sea shore watching the sunset. Specially for our gelateria we have brought our professionals from Pesaro, so they can recreate real authentic tastes that are the pride of Italy yet still new for Saint Petersburg.

The Chef of La Celletta Caffe is Giorgio Siciliano, who previously worked for several years in La Celletta Country House. Together with his assistant chef Cristian Girolomoni they came to Saint Petersburg for the first time to work on the La Celletta Piaceri Italiani project.
They created its menu and retained the authenticity of Italian dishes. 
A professional team who uphold the traditions of our home Marche region, their love for the high-quality products of Italy, its charm and hospitality, is at the heart of our philosophy. 

Also we understand that good food is not a reason to pay more. Our prices are moderate and our guests here feel relaxed. In La Celletta Caffe there are several zones: for working with notebook, watching films, or just for spending time with friends or with your children in front of the big and beautiful gelato showcase. Fast service, affordable price, perfect cuisine and the most tasty gelato in Saint Petersburg… you won’t want to leave.